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Starting in January, 2012
New Break Through Into Love
Unmarried Women Over Thirty Building Healthy Relationships

I’ve been learning so much from my Break Through Into Love coaching group. These women are learning powerful lessons about themselves and their relationships, and I’m learning along with them.

We’re exploring our relationship with ourselves first – how we see ourselves and love ourselves – and how we see others and love others – family, friends, colleagues, etc. We’re exploring forgiveness, integrity, commitment and promise. We’re looking at sexuality, body image, and boundaries. We’re identifying our own purpose for being here, what we’re passionate about, what lights us up, and our own unique values, as well as personal and professional goals.

We’re identifying and making changes to unhealthy relationships with friends, family, and former lovers that prevent us from moving forward in our lives. And we’re building healthy life affirming relationships.

There are daily reading and homework assignments along with powerful group discussions and coaching.

Since this is a pilot group, I’ve been learning ways to make the next group even more valuable and effective. The content has been just as transformative for those women who are not seeking marriage as it has been for those who are.

The focus of the next group will be creating healthy relationships in all areas of your life, not just around “The One”, and regardless of your relationship status or intentions. It will go for six months with up to four women per group. We will meet via conference call so women outside the Santa Rosa area can join in.

If you or someone you love is interested in finding out more, please contact me right away. The group will be limited to the first four who sign up so that each person receives the maximum personal attention.


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