A day outdoors…

Yesterday it was all about getting outside. It was super hot and muggy, by Maine standards anyway. So we headed to the Birch Point State Park beach. Ah… the cool breeze, mugginess gone, lovely views, patchy clouds, getting darker…. And darker….. a few drops of rain…. A few more…. All the other beach-goers packed up and left…. But we stuck it out…. Pretty soon the clouds passed, the sun came out and the day was more beautiful than we started. Took some photos and talked.

Harrah called her friend Marilyn, who had hosted us at her downtown office rooftop for a fourth-of-July dinner. Marilyn’s home is on Cargill Pond, and Harrah has an open invitation to come visit. So she called and Marilyn said come on out.

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We picked up some lobsters at the fish market on our way into the country side. After a beautiful drive, including a stop in Belfast for Harrah to drop off some artwork for a client, we arrived in Liberty, Maine at Marilyn Baer’s house. Marilyn is an inspiration. She raised two children, completely on her own. She’s a successful Shaklee distributor, and has done really well with it. She lives in this lovely house which she had built and where she raised her children on about 90 acres on this quiet “pond” in Maine. She had a lovely al-fresco table all set up on the deck, but as soon as we arrived the downpour started. We waited it out with some yummy cocktails. When the rain ceased, we got into her little quiet electric boat and motored around the lake. Oh it was beautiful. Check out the pics.

When we got back, we boiled the poor lobsters, made a salad, sautéed some sweet potatoes, poured the wine, and had a delightful dinner. Marilyn is an amazing hostess.

Last night on the way home, while her “Check Engine” light was coming on, Harrah and I got into our most challenging conversation yet. Without going into the gory details, bottom line is we have both evolved over this past decade. Neither of us has been really good at calling each other. We just love each other, across the coasts. In the meantime, each of us has gone through some radical rearranging of our thinking about life and God and all things meaningful. Where it gets fun (i.e. really hard) is to recognize this in myself and to be open to it in my friend. I’m not the same person I was ten years ago, and neither is Harrah. We change in different ways. We see and acknowledge how we are approaching our old patterns of thinking about ourselves differently now. The challenges are still there, like they were before, but we’ve both grown in our ability to recognize them and to choose a different, more life-affirming conversation. Harrah is further down this path than I am.

On another and deeper level however some of our core beliefs are shifting. Having the courage to listen and to share those changes while making it safe for our friend to do the same – overcoming our fears of rejection or judgment, sharing our hearts, our questions, our uncertainties, and our fears, giving the other room to explore – and to allow them to witness our own exploration – even if what we are finding may be different from what the other sees….. Ah… this is sweet friendship. This is how we challenge ourselves and grow.

Harrah has insight into my soul and wisdom that I would miss if I didn’t have her for my friend. What a gift she is to me. I truly am a blessed woman.


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  1. OK, my turn to gush about Fawn . . . everyone who meets her adores her. (What a surprise!) How I love hanging out with my ‘old’ friend. In all of my 10 years in Maine I haven’t crammed so much stuff into one week before. Pantpantpant! (The superb weather has something to do with it, of course.) And the sharing and getting caught up and discovering and appreciating how we’ve both grown in the past decade . . . what a blessing! It’s kinda like joining a friend on a climb up a mountain . . . the scenery & terrain changes, sometimes you yak away, sometimes walk in silence . . . stopping along the way to rest and take in the view, looking back where you came from and up to where you are heading. I feel her visit serves as a benchmark in our friendship-journey. Thank you, Steve, for encouraging her to go on this adventure and sharing her with us.


  2. Posted by Jessica on July 8, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    Oh Fawn…what coolness to be inside your heart, thoughts, and soul as you journey! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It is a privledge to be a friend and to be included in your “circle”! I hope you are feeling celebrated & treasured today! You are an inspiration-someone who walks with INTEGRITY, DEPTH, LOVE, WISDOM, CRAZY DELIGHTFUL ADVENTURE..POSSIBILITIES… I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for loving me!!!!!!XOXO Jess


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