I have always loved trains. As kids, my brother and I would count all the cars at the crossing. Then we would argue about what number we got. I also loved riding the little train around Disneyland, from Fantasy Land to Tomorrow Land. Seeing the backs of all the rides and buildings.

When I first moved to Seattle, I took the train from Santa Barbara. It was a beautiful trip through the mountains filled with brilliant fall colors dusted with an early snow. I was an excited nineteen-year-old beginning a new life in a new city. That train ride was my transition into independence.

Sunday morning, I bid farewell to Kim, and boarded the train in Raleigh heading for Washington, D.C. I had anticipated getting in at 3:15 in the afternoon with just enough time to take in a quick visit to the Smithsonian or some such grand place followed by a visit with Abe at the Lincoln Memorial. Unfortunately, all the museums close at 5:30, about the time I got off the train. Not to worry, I’ll just visit the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. I didn’t realize how far the walk would be. The Capitol is on one end of the mall, Lincoln is two miles away at the other end, and Washington is in the middle. On any other day, there would be these lovely little busses that run circles around the mall all day, but this was Sunday, and they weren’t running. No problem, I thought. I’ve been practicing my three-mile sweat walk with Kim and her buddies. This will just be one more mile, and I’ve been sitting all day in a chilly air-conditioned train. Silly, silly child. It was about 100 degrees with unbearable humidity. I made it about half way to dear Washington and pooped out. My feet were swollen; I was hot, tired, thirsty, and too cheap to hire one of the little rickshaws. I found the nearest metro station, picked up my luggage which I had stored at the train station, and made my way to my hotel. By the time I fell into bed at about 10, I was done. Really – done…and disappointed…and all alone with no one to make me laugh about the day. I’ll have to come back with Steve, with time, and with a plan.

Up at 5:15 Monday morning, to navigate the Metro back to the train station and take the Vermonter to Stamford, Connecticut.

My main focus on this trip is to spend time with my dear girlfriends. But I can’t pass through the New York area without stopping by to visit Steve’s Aunt Emilyn and Uncle Lawrence.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jill Hammer on June 29, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    I love all your adventures. Please give all the Kogan’s big hugs from me.



  2. Posted by on June 30, 2010 at 3:42 am

    Hey Fawn: I hope you get to go back to the DC monuments with Steve. It sounds like you’re having lots of fun so far and making the most of every minute. Keep up the story telling – this way we can travel with you and not get the swollen feet. 🙂 ed


    • Posted by fawngilmorekraut on June 30, 2010 at 10:33 pm

      No fair, Ed. I want you to go walk in circles in a steam room for eight hours so you can experience the joy.


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