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All I Don’t Want For Christmas

All I DON’T want for Christmas is….

that the people I love most in the world, will rush in, throw the gifts under the tree, have some coffee and pastries, open the gifts, and rush off to the next event.

All I DO want for Christmas is…

That we could come together, breathe, enjoy each other, work a puzzle, play a game, talk, laugh, go for a walk, cook something wonderful, just be.

I don’t need another sweater.

I need you.

And you need me.

I’d like to just put a bow on my head and sit under the tree myself and say,


My time is yours.

My ears, my eyes, my voice, my hands, my heart,
my life, my hopes and dreams are yours.

Won’t you join me under the tree?

Will you put a bow on your head?