So often I have clients & friends faced with a relationship that is exciting and terrifying at the same time. They are thrilled with the possibility of love, but terrified that they will get hurt…. again….. They’ve been down “this” path before, and they “know” where it ends… heartache and disappointment. The only way to avoid it is to avoid love all together, but they’re not willing to do that either. So we’re in a conundrum. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The TRUTH? The only guarantee in love is that you will get hurt. Might as well accept it as part of the package. When we protect ourselves from pain we protect ourselves from love. Hmmmm do I choose a life of isolation and loneliness or a life of intimacy, struggle, love, and yes pain? My clients generally know they must embrace the pain to embrace the joy. Boy did this one take me waaayyyy too many years to figure out…. I finally chose love. And I’m glad for it. Does it come with pain and disappointment? You betcha – lots of it, and in ways I never imagined. But the more I embrace the pain as a gift – yes a gift – the bigger my heart grows, the more depth and humility I discover. This life is not mine. I get to choose along the way, but I belong to Someone bigger than myself, and slowly – spoonful by spoonful – I’m learning to let go of my self-protection and free-fall into life and love…. without a clue where I will land. What a ride!

Fawn Gilmore Kraut, CPCC
Personal Relationship and Life Transitions Coach


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